You are looking at me through the merky ethers of this dimension, my face was designed too look like this, those who know how too use the 3rd eye can see my face clearly, over 100 years ago a science was brought back too the shores of Northwest Africa, because many of the Moors who was caught up in slavery was lost in the wilderness of this land, even those who was from this land got lost, even today most haven't caught on too the science that was brought, you still got these dirty Moors today just like it was over 100 years ago, looking out for their own self, telling the people all kinds of non-sense, still talking about nation building and got one and don't even know how too be a part of it, these Moors are still fighting Moors and no real work is being done, some of those Moors in St. Louis Missouri are doing their work, they got the city too name a street "Prophet Noble Drew Ali Ave" right in front of Temple 75, honors too those great Moors for such good work, I leave as I came in peace

This video is about facts and not fiction, for 500 years a lie have been told, now let's set the record straight

The wise ole Professor is on a new journey of bringing light too man on earth, history have been changed around on the Asiatic people with the powerful tool of european psychology, and nothing we can say or do will ever bring them back too the reality of this Illusion, this is why we come for the chosen few who overstand what we are dealing with here, words are powerful and they use your own science on you and scare you with your own words, we expect the fools too push what we say too the side as folks lore, but you see everyday the things we say are coming true right before your eyes, and the worst is yet too come, devils of earth don't think the universe is blind too your wicked doings, your punishment is coming and you ain't gonna like the fate, this life you live now will come too an end

Once again the Professor is giving the light of truth too those who are tired of the darkness, we see the Willie Lynch Syndrom everyday in the ghetto, there is a reason why there are so many single households in the Asiatic community with woman in charge, and it all came from this man, he showed them how too handle the slaves, give the women the power, and make them control what's going on, look at who's who in the Asiatic community, that roman shit is powerful down here, look who wear the dress and who wear the pants, an Asiatic woman can get a job before an Asiatic man, that's why you alway's hear them say "GET OUT MY HOUSE", look at all the jobs men use too do now woman are doing them, only a got damn fool wants too lay next too a woman who's biceps are bigger than yours, a truck driver, work on the city street crew, drive heavy machines, ect, and the list go on, fuck how much money she make, that why money is the root of all evil for the damn fools, women are suppose too be soft as a cloud when you hold them, not hard as a got damn rock, and got more bass in her voice than you