They don't tell you that the first sugar cane plantation and its technology were set up by Sephardic Yahudi Moors in Brazil, which later became the foundation of the Caribbean economy.

The land of Canaan or the Promised Land is over here...

Palestine, Texas
Solomon River, Kansas

Merlinite MorenoThe later Mali Songhai Civilization was connected to us from the Canaanite/Phoenician lineage. It was ancient Moor Americans who went over in Continental Africa a long time ago to do trade and to urbanize it. Later on those people would mix with the Africans and come back here to mix with the Moors already over here.

ISLAM ISLAM : Vote or NOT to Vote that is the question

The powers that be: Ministers( Islamic too), Civil Rights leader and Elite negroes are quick to sell you the VOTE FOR CHANGE thingy, I have yet to see any people in history to free themselves by VOTING.

QUESTION: Does voting cause you to lose your STANDING as a Moor, on this land, in other words when you VOTE due to the various "citizenry" tricks who's jurisdiction have you just placed your self under when you VOTE? Think over this.

PS.HOPE & CHANGE has been a miserable fail

ISLAM ISLAM: The Duty of Prophets is to foretell the FUTURE

With that said, 1/3rd of the Moorish Holy Koran was and is prophecy

ISLAM ISLAM : The Attributes of a Universal Master Mind

The master mind can trace himself back to the beginning of the Illusion called: TIME, he not only knows what he was doing , but WHY he was doing it. Think over this

The El Elyon

" You brothers and sisters get distracted with debating and fighting one another while the enemy is focused on destroying you all. "

The Force of positive thought is the greatest force in the Universe

ISLAM ISLAM: The Cold Hart Truth Series Part 1

If I told you the Negro Masons were more dangerous than the so-called white Masons , would you believe it?

I am not speaking on those negroes who only have a few degrees that are not in the KNOW, I am speaking about the "Negro Shriners" located in hidden places through out the Midwest, THINK OVER THIS

ISLAM ISLAM: The Secret Relationship between Romans , Africans and Arabs

Most of our People are under the "strong delusion" that most Africans are victims of circumstance in the Motherland and that is emphatically a LIE espoused by The Agent provocateurs on YouTube (SaNeter). The Elite Africans or ruling class among them secretly make deals to conceive babies , sell the babies, sell their land , sell their rich resources all for PROFIT. They make these deals with various " Roaman " operatives and in return they deceive the masses of melanoid people across the Globe by playing the victim. Africa is rampant with corruption as is many of the oceanic islands. There was a particular Minister in America who made a series of books and videos on the Secret relationship between Blacks and Jews yet this same Minister has solicited Millions of Dollars from these African Leaders . Think over this.

Question: Who were the 3 Ruffians that hit Hiram ( Moors ) in the Head (aka thinking) through tricks and deception? They have many names but the Original names are in the Heading.

The African Continent of today has always been the Agent of your Oppressor.

Think it over

ISLAM ISLAM: BLACK NAGAS always yelling AFRICA this AFRICA that.

But these Nigerians are cut from a different CLOTH (SKIN)

The ARABS will take these babies raise them, then SLIP them back in to RULE OVER the other so-called blacks using SKIN COLOR. Think over this

Ok.... someone claimed the Drew was a Mason.... the Freemason keep meticulous records just like the Romans. Where is the Record? Where is the list of paid dues??? Yes... the degrees of Freemasony came form out of ancient Moorish Sciences.... no disagreements there.... the origin are Moorish Sciences, not Masonic this is also not contested. Moors don't seek to become Freemasons, Masons seek to become Moors.
Like I said.... Show an actual proven record that Timothy Drew was registered as a Mason. If this is true.... Show the Masonic Record.... the claim here is to be put to a TRUTHFUL test.


ISLAM ISLAM: What is the duty of a CIVIL RIGHTS Leader

The Duty of a Good Civil Rights leader is to keep the oppressed people under a spell of "CIVIL ARREST" or "PASSIVE Aggressiveness", they are known to give good fiery speeches , flatter you with words of kindness only to DECEIVE you, thereby placing you under the jurisdiction of your OPPRESSOR.

NOTE: . Civil Rights is the GREATEST tool of ROMAN LAW used by Religious and Black Muslim Ministers all across America. In Roman Law they are the MIDDLE MAN between the "OPPRESSED" and "OPPRESSOR". Think it over!


Al Morocco in Northwest Africa or Maghreb in Old times was : Midwestern America

This is why the Europeans called the Midwest "Old Northwest Territory",

The Masons covered it up for various reasons

ISLAM ISLAM: The Cold Hard Truth Series Part 2 ( with Master Cruton Bey)

Exclusive Here: Moors Conquered SPAIN. Think hard over this!

Your textbooks are 85% INCORRECT, when it says the Moors conquered Spain (Romans) and the Iberian peninsula. IT is speaking of certain regions of America, in other words Ancient Spain is not where you think it is (Think over that) Have you ever noticed that most Spanish speaking people live in North, Central , & South Americas not in Spain and WHY does half of the Spanish language correspond with Arabic??? Who gave them that language? Is it possible they were Romans (wanderers) originally , who were bestowed a new language and culture .Think over this.

GREATEST MYTH Of History: Isabella expelled the Moors from Spain!!!!!, Question: what Spain is this? The Moors of that time would have broke them off proper STRAIGHT UP FOLLY! Hint: Some wars were WON on paper only.

The EL Capitain


I am a Moslem of the West not a Muslim or Black Muslim of the EAST

Most of California Territory will be destroyed but not all of it. The hardest hit will be San Fransico. The earthquake that hits it will be the greatest the World has ever seen. There will be no more LA. The new LA will be in the Moab (Mojave) Desert.

ISLAM ISLAM: The Inner Earth and The Outer Earth (Think over this)

The Washitaw Muurs are the Oldest Peoples "ON" the planet, with that said The CHOCTAW are the Oldest Peoples who came from "IN" the planet. In other words those Moors classified as: CHOCTAW are the Oldest people who came from INSIDE the PLANET. This area is heavily guarded even today, AND you ALL know where it is. The Apparatus and Motherplane that Ali and Elijah taught about resides there in the Earth.

In other words BOAZ was CHOCTAW, and RUTH came from the WASHITAW and the two Nations merged becoming the MOABITES . Loaded with clues

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ISLAM ISLAM: 99% will NOT Comprehend said MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are 10 Planets in this SOLAR SYSTEM "however" they are numbered 0 thru 9, when we created Adam, the Creator started at unit# 1 (Neptune) due to lack of MATERIALS, this Universal Misstep produced a FLAW in the Universe and therefore the ELOHIM had to return back to ZERO (Pluto) to eliminate said flaw.

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The SUN itself is not ALLAH (BUT HIS NOBLEST IMAGE) therefore do not worship it, the part that benefits the BODY is the part which is in the UNSEEN, so serve the Creator by seeking TRUTH (not your own personal version).


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Happy Holy Day to the Universal Vanguards

There are Indeed life forms (Beings) that reside in the SUN descending and ascending, approximately 10,000 to be exact! They at one time had different forms depending on which constellations they merged with , but due to the construction of the Pyramids (50,000 years ago ) this distinction can NO LONGER be made by using of the Physical Eye. ALL FINITE THINGS are subject to CHANGE.

The European must use " extreme caution" in dealing with said individuals, the killing of their flesh sets off Catastrophic Destruction on this Earth Plane(t) . And when that Mighty Angel appears they come along for the party at his COMMAND

It should be noted that we areMoslems, not Masons.Prophet Noble Drew Ali never took us through the degrees of Masonry.He brought us the True and Divine Creed of Islam.We do not move in the same science as some secret order of individuals who go to Church on Sundays and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and/or Saturdays demonstrate certain oaths of deception and secrecy, put on a fez and pretend to be Moslems.We are Moslems; we are a Nation, a Divine Order of Islam whose members praise ALLAH openly and humbly.Our meetings are open to the public on Fridays and on Sundays.Our Adept Meetings are open only to those who possess a nationality cardand who hold the title Sheik whose dues and assessments are paid if they are working or in a position to work.These are administrative and spiritual meetings where ones learn how to run a Temple and how to correctly teach the way that Prophet Noble Drew Ali taught.This is not an option or left up to debate because Prophet Noble Drew Ali ordered us to imitate him in speech and teaching when addressing a group of Moors, any group of Moors.We are a nation who practice the religion of our ancient forefathers which takes us back over ten thousand years.We embrace Islam and demonstrate our daily rituals in which we pray, give charity and meditate on ALLAH'S inimitable perfections.We do not condemn the Masonic Order, neither do we imitate them.

Any Moorish American leader who takes his or her members through the degrees of Masonry is in blatant violation of and in contradiction to Prophet Noble Drew Ali's laws and teachings.We are Moslems under the Divine Laws of the Holy Koran of Mecca wherein we are instructed in chapter 58, verses 14-19 the error and consequences of such affiliations.Again, we as clean and pure nation do not desire to amalgamate into the families of the pale skin nations of Europe, neither serve the gods of their religion.Masonry is a fraternal order associated with the families of the pale skin nations of Europe.We follow our ancient forefathers' ancient divine and national creed which existed thousands of years before the Masonic order and its degrees were even thought of. [NOTE: (Prince Hall and John Belmont were a couple of brothers who desired to fight in the American revolution, but in order to be a soldier in the American revolution one had to be a Mason.Since the brothers were so gung ho and insistent, they were given an old charter that had actually been stricken and was actually not valid in order that they could seemingly satisfy the conditions and be soldiers and fight as members of the revolutionary army.Just as when our people were stripped of their nationality and divine creed they were labeled negro, black and colored in 1779, this later seemingly satisfied the conditions of the Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1787.Though in 1779 these marks were officially put on the books, it was known that we were Moors and we were still at times referred to as "Blackamoors."If our people were referred to as themselves, as Moors, then the Europeans here in America would have been in clear violation of the Treaty.They actually were in violation of the Treaty, but they made it seem like they weren't.This action is what we sometimes refer to as the "double-cross.")]

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The Sun is NOT 72 Trillion Years old! To be right and exact, it came into "physical view" at that TIME. In other words the SUN was in another dimension of dark matter, known as the universal womb the European scientists call them Black Holes. REMEMBER: when something comes into the "plane of manifest" its origins are hidden within the secret plane of SOUL or intelligence, called dark matter. For the human body even possesses a inner Sun called Solar Plexus

People tell fairytales heard from the mother, however upon being "raised up" the child is supposed to experience FATHER, for only father Allah can give true meaning as to what Mother seen with her own 2 Eyes, because the Universal Father possesses 3 eyes and now even a 4th Eye upon exercising the projection of matter.
It is called "objective" THOUGHT, for man is spirit however when he masters objective THOUGHT through direction of energy and matter "mixed" this produces flight and levitation, this is how the Pyramids were constructed.


Yucatan Peninsula









Shameka Sanders Now what about what the prophet did?

Jerry DeShay Bey This is a page of universal knowledge, they know who we are and what we are here for, we are just watching all our prediction unfold right before their eyes and the worst is yet 2 come

 Merlinite Moreno

West Asia = Americas

East Asia = Conininental Africa

West Asia & East Asia = Amexem

Africa = Land or Earth

Amexem is the divine name of Africa of both western and eastern hemispheres. The Africa or land over here and the Africa or land over there in the East.

The Professor Merlinite Moreno is giving you universal knowledge, not man made knowledge which will have you going around in circles, this is why we came for the few which is 1%, we can never change the 99% because what the devil and their advocates put on them is a curse and can never be removed, we give you the universal definition of africa and most can't see and don't want 2 see it and will argue you down, they want 2 argue and debate everything which is a waste of time, this is why we say what's got 2 be said and move on, there's much more work 2 be done, we come in peace 2 earth and there are many of us here in this dimension, Prophet Noble Drew Ali told you when he was here before about the apparatus, Moors 2017 will be the change that will shock you, man have become 2 evil, they kill each other and even the helpless unborned and call it a right 2 murder, this violates all rules and laws of the universe, but evil ones don't think that just because your punishment is delayed, the Great Ones have forgot, you will pay for the deeds you did in this dimension, and the good better out weigh the bad