Tales From The Bottomless Pit (WE CONTINUE DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE 2)

EARTH DATE: 12152017........Hello once again my star people, hope your day have been a safe one in this dimension of Amexem which is just a tiny speck in this vast Universe, once again we are going to take a trip through time as we deal with the devil and their evil deeds, we are here to reveal light and try to bring original man from darkness, they can't tell us anything about the universe or earth, anything they say about the universe is theory and Malcolm X told you that, whatever they tell you !, you better look at it twice, how can they know more than original man the creators of civilization ?, we gave them a history and brought them from a cave, remember the devil have no hue to their skin, and it's not some demon of the nether world either,  here is a good example of how the devil want you to think they have all the knowledge, check this shit out....... THEY SAY !, Our Sun (a star) and all the planets around it are part of a galaxy known as the Milky Way Galaxy. (we star people know that's not the true name), they go on to say a galaxy is a large group of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.(Now they don't say anything about planets), The Milky Way is a large barred spiral galaxy.(It's shaped like the number 9 a swirl, another lie from them) All the stars we see in the night sky are in our own Milky Way, NOW WE ARE GOING TO ALL CAPS, HOW IN THE HELL ALL THE STARS AND PLANETS WE SEE IN THE NIGHT SKY ARE IN OUR OWN GALAXY, WE CAN SEE THE STAR SIRIUS WHICH IS THE BRIGHTEST STAR THAT CAN BE SEEN WITH THE NAKED EYE FROM EARTH AND IT'S NOT IN THIS GALAXY, IT'S 8 LIGHT YEARS AWAY, NOW HERE IS MORE BUL-SHIT AND I MEAN BUL-SHIT, TALKING ABOUT FAKE NEWS IT DIDN'T JUST NOW START WITH DONALD TRUMP, CHECK THIS..... Ancient Greek philosophers proposed that that Milky Way might be a vast collection of stars, to dim to make out individually. But the first actual proof came when Galileo Galilei pointed his first rudimentary telescope at the Milky Way in 1610, and was able to see that the Milky Way was made up of countless stars. NOW HOW IN THE HELL DID THE GREEKS WHO EVOLVED IN THIS DIMENSION KNOW ANY DAMN THING ABOUT SPACE, THIS GALAXY IS AMEXEM JUST LIKE IT'S TWIN IS CALLED ANDROMEDA, Moors was here first and not the Greeks, "The Washitaws" are the oldest civilization on earth, we are the chosen people this is why we came to this dimension first not the Jews, by the way the real Jews are Moors, Hitler was killing the europeans who claimed to be Jews, this is why there is much turmoil in Palastine today because those are not the right Jews, 2018 is gonna be the change for the world as we know it, turmoil and confusion all over this world as destruction continue and you ain't seen nothing yet, the worst is still to come, the future of this world will be in the hands of the asiatic people and this message come from the universe, this is the start of changing of the guards and their destruction because wicked deeds are their mission, we have just entered the "RABBIT HOLE" and still have a long way to go, it's dark but we Universal Vanguards have the light to show you the way, and we are not afraid to slay the devil or their advocates, we come in peace, when I say we this is what I mean, I am not here in this dimension by myself, there are many more Vanguards here with me, Remember we come for 1% of our people in this dimension, the 99% is like trying catching a cloud and paint it purple, a purpose defeating itself , star people you be safe and stay out of crowds, you are putting yourself in danger when you do, you see what's going on...............Peace & Love