Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE IS DEEP) 3

EARTH DATE: 01182918....... We continue our journey down the rabbit hole, as we have told you history have been changed around and many are confused in this dimension of good and evil, you have the wicked of this world still trying to fool you, even though truth is in front of their face they still refuse to accept it, we are putting history back together the way it should be and bringing the light to those who seek it, we can't force anyone to believe what we say, do your research and see what you find, everything in this dimension is based on logics and if it not logical it's not accepted, Right ?, how can the cave man have more knowledge than original man ?, if you want to know the meaning of somthing you must rely on webster for the answer, because they did the one two on your ass, put themself in your place and stole your history and knowledge, remember we was the ones who brought them from the caves of europe and gave them a history and last name, taught them how to talk and eat right and wash their ass in some water, the europeans and the descendants of the mongolians pulled off the greatest theft in the world, then with the help of hollywood they created movies using the fake Native Americans, "Tonto & The Lone Ranger", and fooled a lotta people and is still doing it today in this age of information, there is no reason for you to be stuck on stupid anymore, I know some people who's Gran Mother is from the Washitaw Mountains of  Arkansas and they look at themself as being african american and Gran Ma's picture hangs on the wall for all to see if you open your eyes and look, this is sad shit not to know who you are and don't want to know, accept who the european say you is and that's good enough, but always crying about how society is treating your ass, marching for nothing with the rest of the damn fools, society want 2 put all the trash on the man's back, but we have good fathers out here, these mothers cause a lot of turmoil by not telling these children who their fathers really is, messing around with more than 1 man, some go to the grave not telling the children the truth,  now back to this land, all wise people know if you want to find an indian you must go to india, the fake Native American, if you look at them closely you can see they have chinese in them and the chinese invaded this land, they stole this land of West Africa from the true Native Americans who are Moors,  the Washitaws, Yamasee, Iroquois, Cherokee, Choctaw, Blackfoot, Peqout, Mohegan, Apache, just remember this my people, the Washitaw Nation and their descendants are the key to the knowledge of this dimension because they was here first, so it's not even logical for anyone else to have more knowledge than the people who created civilization in this dimension,   Africa mean the earth and not one land mass as written in those history books, because this was once 1 giant land mass which split apart during the great earthquake which destroyed Atlantis and caused the Atlantic Ocean to be, we are going deeper when we continue this journey