Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE IS DEEP), 2018, The Journey Continue

EARTH DATE: 01072018......We continue our journey as Vanguards down the rabbit hole as the light reveals more hidden true knowledge that have been replaced with falsehood for those who seek truth, we have told you who built the Pyramids and why they were built, now we are going to give you some more science of this dimension in which there are many doors to other dimensions, there are Pyramids under all the mounds you see in this land, over the ages they have been covered up with dirt which created mounds and they still  harness the energy from the Universe today, the job they was meant to do, the wicked will tell you other things about the mounds and don't know what the hell they talking about, fake ass science is what we call it, how can they know more about what's under the mounds than the Moors who's ancestors built the Pyramids, this is Washitaw land and everybody else are invaders as history have proven, sorry Wikipedia to bust your bubble, here is shit in your face, (215/93), EXAMPLE OF BUL_SHIT: the mounds in the land they now call Mississippi is said to be Indian Burial Mounds more lies, we know if you want to find an Indian you must go to India or hollywood, now ain't they stupid ?, anyway lets continue on our journey, now the Cahokia Mounds in IL was used to sacrifice people they say, done dug up bodies in a graveyard and say that's proof ect., now they done put some deep shit in the game because they don't know, just making up shit to fit their lies, remmeber they are good at psychology, Moors lived in that area but they don't tell you that and know it, they put the descendants of the mongolians in that area, so this tell a wise person sombody don't know what the hell they is talkin about, civilization was created on this land of west africa where all life(Proven) and Pyramids begin, Egypt was part of this land before the Great Earthquake which destroyed Atlantis and cause the Atlantic Ocean to be, this earthquake split up the giant land mass  and made it what it is today, Ancient Memphis Egypt is called Memphis Tn today, they built their pyramid in memphis to try and harness the energy from the center of the earth because they are not from space, a big big difference, a Universal scientist will back me up,  the mighty Mississippi River the Father of all Rivers is really the Jordan River, so this mean people of earth all knowledge didn't come from the east as some claim, they have changed history around, we as spirits in flesh who overstand the science we are dealing with, face the East only because all light come from the east not because of anything else, we deal with Spirituality which is Universal, we are here to educate you and not fool you like so many do, Prophet Noble Drew Ali told the people about the  apparatus, but many still take his word as science fiction, but yet they will tell you how they believe in him and can recite that Koran with their eyes closed, star people watch those around you at all times and keep your ass out of crowds, GRAVE DANGER is on the Horizon, as always keep those sun glasses on at all time to block out those devils and haters who want to destroy us.................Peace & Love