Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE IS DEEP), 2018, LET'S BEGIN

EARTH DATE: 01062018, This is the first day of the cycle year of 2018 in this dimension, we will start to turn on the light and truth will reveal itself for those who seek it, we have already entered the Rabbit Hole and we will show you how history have been changed around on you by wicked people who mean you no good, with the help of their advocates who are your own kind, they will lead you off a cliff and think nothing of it and they have been doing it for ages, it have been proven which is so hard for the wicked to accept the truth, that the Moorish Washitaws are the oldest civilization on earth and are the true Native Americans, United Nations For Human Rights, not civil rights now, project 215/93, this mean they came to this dimension first and created civilization as we know it, these other Native American tribes are Moors also, Yamasee, Iroquois, Cherokee, Choctaw, Blackfoot, Pequot, Mohegan (and/or All Indigenous People of America, hid from history and their ID stolen and given to other people as seen in hollywood movies, so we must start with the Washitaws, when they first arrived in this dimension, they built Pyramids all over the earth known as africa, in the dimension of Amexem to harness the energy from the Universe which is home and 8 light years away, we are Xylanthians, anyway they used the Moorish Keystone aka Geometric Compass and Square for the job, this symbol was stolen by european masons and their advocates, but we Vanguards from the Universe have taken it back and will defend it at all cost, we fear no man in flesh whose blood is red like ours, "RED RUM", so let the children play with our symbols there is no secrets, Drew Ali revealed all secrets over 100 years ago but many have forgot, a lot of things that was brought Moors have a differnet agenda today, now these europeans claim that they hate us but want to be like us, now what's up with that shit ?, these people tell you about things they don't even know shit about, and as we continue down the Rabbit Hole we are going to show you how dumb they are and they want you to believe what they say, the Egyptians know the truth about this dimnsion but they ain't talking because look what the wicked have did for them, they came here the same way we did, the wicked told you the lies that Jewish slaves built the pyramids, knowing this wasn't true but they told that lie anyway because they had bigger plans, you see that unfolding in the east today, but the beast was right when they said the science used in their construction came from out of this world, because we are not from this world as we have told you that many times, you can laugh and make fun because we don't give a fuck about what fools think, look at them on the left now at all the child's play they are doing, tearing down statures like thats gonna change history or somthing, they are trying to hide history the way George Washington hid the Moorish Flag and told a lie in the history books that he chopped down a cherry tree, when you read this shit you think they are talking about a real cherry tree, psychology is a powerful weapon on the human mind, and they have used it well on the asiatic mind, our ancestors created civilization in this dimension, and we have nothing today, somthing is wrong and we got to change it, wise ones watch those around you at all times, the human devil have no color to their skin