Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE 3)

1% of our star people in this dimension of Amexem, the left is still leading those fools off the cliff, you see in that Alabama Senate Race, they knew the so called african american vote when it came in would give Jones the victory and you see it did, without their advocates he wouldn't have had a chance, where was all those women when the judge was running for other public office, use common sense, there wasn't any and the left came with some bul-shit like they aways do, that why you keep their ass back at a distance, those Liberals ain't your friend 1%, these are some slick ass beast and they got all kinna tricks as you can see if you watch FOX NEWS the only true source out there, all the other are weapons of mass destruction, giving you fake shit and know it's fake, they still talking about Trump and it's slick ass Hillary who is knee deep in shit, her and the flunkies and some look just like us, many asiatic people in this land still refuse to accept who the democrats really are and will fight you if you tell them the truth, and it's sad to see your own kind to damn stupid to know they are being fucked with no grease, look at all this non sense the left got going on, violence and destruction all over the world, The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party
Did you know that the Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. history?, but kept you slaves in the dark like moles, they used their puppets the asiatic leaders to help them fool you and keep you on their side, and they are still doing it today, but the truth have been revealed about just how wicked the dmocratic party is, you see John Lewis said he won't go to that thing they having in Missississippi because Trump will be there, but it's North Korea and Iran who want's to blow his asiatic ass off the face of  the earth, if Dr King was living he would put his foot in his ass, people right today refuse to accept that the Moors started the slave trade and the europeans was the victims, The Turkish Moors was not all nice people, some was just plain brutal and mean to the slaves, and when the europeans time came they put it down, the same thing back on you but worse, now we want to cry we are the victims of slavery, shut the fuck up, you better read more history and do some studying, our people have did wicked shit in history and they better fact check, because KARMA IS A BITCH, what go around will come back around, you are paying today for the sins of your ancestors of the past, star people have a safe day because danger is all around you.........Peace & Love