For the 1% of our star people who we are here for, 2018 is almost here, and there is gonna be a big change in this dimension, It's time for the true Moors of this land of West Africa the EL's and Bey's step into the arena of politics, we got the african american or Blacks speaking for us the Moors, Moors it's time to wake up from this nightmare, this is the start of something new from us and our Blogs will deal with truth and reality, "Tales From The Bottomless Pit" deal with the rabbit hole, they better learn that those Arabs and people like this devil in the picture are not their friend and they will never look at them as their friend, they are horse eating beasts and don't ever forget that, this government and the city of St Louis give them money to start up a business in the Asiatic hoods, why do you think they own all the stores in your community, the Asiatic store owners sell out when they come with an offer of money that the city have gave them, our people will fall for any damn thing just wave a dollar in front of their face, St Louis leaders are helping them take over in your neighborhoods, if you live in St Louis then you know the Arabs stores always catch on fire and they return with a new store from the insurance, we can't even buy city property and fix it up without haveing some capitol, the system is designed that way, many homeless people would love to get a chance to get some of these empty buildings and fix them up to live in, this is why there must be destruction before we can re-build, we must watch how we spend that hard earned dollar, this will show this city and show these people we have power with our money, when I first moved in this hood the Gas Station was owned by an Asiatic family, now the Arabs own it with the help of our Asiatic leaders swinging on Mr Gilmo's nut sack, stop spending your money with these Arabs or stop your mutha-fucking crying about what they doing too you, calling you niggers and all that good shit, you control your own destiny, these people will do too you what you allow them too do, I will walk a mile before I spend a penny in a store owned by a Arab and that's street talk, don't get no real than that, this Beast just killed a child, so what should the people do to him ?......Peace to the wise