Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE IS DEEP CONTINUE)

´╗┐´╗┐EARTH DATE: 12212017........As we continue our journey through time we contine to shine light where there is darkness the job we was sent to do, many take the things of this dimension as a joke and it ain't, the left is leading you the wrong way and they have been during it for ages and you accept it, all from the evil deeds by the ones who came to this dimension first and started doing bad things to mankind, the creators of civilization wasn't all good people just like today, we watch as the truth unfold right before your eyes, because we predict things before they happen, a gift from the universe for those who know how to use it, these people still got the weak in mind and spirit still tripping on Donald Trump, and the real DANGER is just over the HORIZON waitng to take your life and all those around you, you have been shown who your real enemy is in this dimension, and many still refuse to accept it, they can be a stranger or your next of kin, we have been telling the people of earth that we are not from this dimension and have been to many dimensions during our travels through time, we came to this dimension first and this is what amaze us so much, how the europeans claim to have all the knowledge and they evolved in this dimension in a caveGalileo was dumb as hell, so was Einstein, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin who had a heart attack after being proven wrong about his shit, their knowledge was stolen from us, how in the hell do all the stars have Greek names and Roman names, just a bunch of bul-shit, it was our ancestors who gave them a history and knowledge and a name, last night on Tucker Carson Tonight, he had on his show a navy pilot who job it was to track a ufo, he said they track it to a body of water where it began taking on water, I am telling you this part and not the devil, the reason for this was to power the systems which push us through space at a speed that defy Physics, they don't know the science yet, he said when they got within a 1000 ft it took off at a speed that defy physics, and he knew it wasn't from this world, the reality is my people only melanated people can travel in space, they have been showing you our science through movies but you just haven't caught on yet, remember that  movie the Day the earth stood still, and that show Star Trek and the Klingons who traveled through space un-seen until they was ready to attack, our people are cloacked in the clouds waiting, we have just started giving you science, because knowledge is what's going to save you from the devil in flesh, we use facebook but this is our weapon our own page, facebook is only going to show what you post to so many people and theen you got to pay for a boost, and your post will scroll away, we use our own web site to teach science and spread truth and not falsehood