Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE IS DEEP) 6

EARTH DATE: 01242018........We continue our journey deeper into the rabbit hole where there is much knowledge clinging to the walls of this dark pit, where there are many secrets that will be revealed by Universal light, people of the planet earth are lost in their own confusion and turmoil and destruction will be their fate in the end, the asiatic people have their own kind pulling them down with falsehood, and it's a damn shame that they would do such evil things to their own kind and others, but original man have been doing evil things since they came to this dimension, you got Moors who don't even know the history about the earth or it's people, and they is writing all kinna crazy shit that makes no sense at all, they don't know what the hell they are talking about, do they research things or what ?, one salve master said to another, if you wanna keep a secret from a nigger, you put it in a book, because they show ain't gonna read it, but put the bible in their hands and they will read it and defend it with their life, now 1% you see what the slave master said is true, we read a post a Moor made on facebook, where he's laughing at the Moors who say they are from this land, calling them fools, but it have been proven their ties to this land is true, this is an advocate of the wicked as you can tell, this is not a teacher of truth, but the devil and a got-damn fool on your soulders, who is your own kind now, telling you that you don't know your history, somthing your Gran-Parents left with you, and we can tell that many that post on that facebook media wasn't listening to shit and got lost all the way on the left, 1% of my star people you know how they work, like the moles they are, love darkness and want you to stay there with them, now we are gonna go into this land and history a little more, this is about the NEGRO RIVER, a river many don't even know about, first lets start with this, the word "NEGRO", it was derived from the word "NECRO" or "NEKRO", which mean physical "DEATH" and "NECROSIS", many Moors will try and debunk this definition, do your research now and learn somthing, tell the slave master I read Mutha-Fucka, you got shit twisted, anyway there was a river in west africa which contained "BLACK WATER" so the MOORS named it the "NEGRO RIVER", this was long before the great earthquake, now this river can be found today in Brazil running off the Amazon River the Mother of all rivers and still in west africa, now all we ask you to do this go to that land mass they call africa and find the Negro River in west africa as they call it, you are wasting your time because it's not there, because Africa is not that 1 piece of land mass but the world, look at a map of the land mass laid flat on a table, you can see the puzzle if you open your eyes and mind and accept reality, there is a logo of the land mass in one our blog's .............Peace Be With You People Of Earth