Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE IS DEEP) 5

EARTH DATE: 01232018........We continue our journey down the rabbit hole to reveal more history and secrets of the earth and it's people, we will remind you again and we can't say this enough, they changed history around on you and put themself and others in your place, we deal with facts, logics and truth, and we ask again and we will keep on asking this question, how can the european man know more about the earth than original man the creators of civilization as we know it ?, the real knowledge again is in the hands of the Washitaws who are the oldest people on earth, so they know more about this dimension than anybody since they was here first, use logical thinking, the truth was hid but it's been revealed that the real Native Americans are Moors and not the desendants of the Mongolians, as we have told you africa mean the earth and not 1 small land mass as many have been led to believe for ages from european teachings, don't forget now you was also taught that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree, which was really the Moorish flag and a big fat lie, they had people fooled like it was a real cherry tree and they are still teaching and fooling the young minds with that in school today, there are many things we will go into on our journey through time in this dimension, many don't know and the truth was hid that this land was once part of ancient Egypt before the great earthquake, ancient Memphis Egypt is known as Memphis Tn today, they even built them a pyramid to try and harness the energy from the center of the earth since the europeans didn't come from space, they evolved in this dimension, so their Pyramid is just trying to harness the energy from the center of this earth, the river who they call the Mighty Mississippi River is really the true Jordan River, if you look at the logo you can see ancient Memphis Egypt and Memphis Tn, look at the river on both pictures they are the same, when it come to the Jordan River who gave it that name the Mississippi River ?, their history books tell you the Mongolians the fake Native Americans gave it that name, I know it sound strange to those who are not from the Sirius Star System, but we give you Universal knowledge, this is why the 4th of July is very important to the Xylanthians, do your research and you will know for yourself, there are so many secrets to this earth and doorways to other dimensions from this place, this is an astrological thing you are dealing with and nothing is real in this dimension and will come to an end, this is the reason you can't stay here, ain't it strange you come into this dimension getting old as you go and your visit is not certain how long you will be here, some leave early and some never make it because of the work of the wicked, remember this is just an illusion and will pass away, we will continue our trip down the rabbit hole at another time, because it is deep and hold many secrets, star people watch those around you at all times, because your enemy is closer than you think.........Peace & Love