Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE IS DEEP) 4

EARTH DATE: 01222018........We continue our journey through time and the history of this dimension, we talked about how they change history around you, because like we have said in the past, it's not logical for the cave man to have more knowledge than original man who came from the universe first and created civilization, and they evolved in this dimension, and it don't take a rocket scientist to figure that out, somthing not right simple as that, we talked about the great land mass of africa before it split up after the great earthquake which destroyed Atlantis and caused the Atlantic Ocean to be in our last blog, we use logos in this Academy to prove our point even though some don't like it and say we are wrong, but are we wrong with the information we give the 1% of our people ?, you can't take an orange and say it's an apple, they tell you africa is one land mass, but it's not and we will show you the science behind falsehood, General Hannibal ruler of Carthage in North West Africa, now we want you to go to that land mass they say is africa and find the old kingdom of Carthage on it, you will not find that old kingdom of Carthage in that land of central africa no matter how hard you look, but you can find that old kingdom in this land and it's known as Carthage Mo and still in North West Africa,