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Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE IS DEEP), 2018, The Journey Continue

EARTH DATE: 01072018......We continue our journey as Vanguards down the rabbit hole as the light reveals more hidden true knowledge that have been replaced with falsehood for those who seek truth, we have told you who built the Pyramids and why they were built, now we are going to give you some more science of this dimension in which there are many doors to other dimensions, there are Pyramids under all the mounds you see in this land, over the ages they have been covered up with dirt which created mounds and they still  harness the energy from the Universe today, the job they was meant to do, the wicked will tell you other things about the mounds and don't know what the hell they talking about, fake ass science is what we call it, how can they know more about what's under the mounds than the Moors who's ancestors built the Pyramids, this is Washitaw land and everybody else are invaders as history have proven, sorry Wikipedia to bust your bubble, here is shit in your face, (215/93), EXAMPLE OF BUL_SHIT: the mounds in the land they now call Mississippi is said to be Indian Burial Mounds more lies, we know if you want to find an Indian you must go to India or hollywood, now ain't they stupid ?, anyway lets continue on our journey, now the Cahokia Mounds in IL was used to sacrifice people they say, done dug up bodies in a graveyard and say that's proof ect., now they done put some deep shit in the game because they don't know, just making up shit to fit their lies, remmeber they are good at psychology, Moors lived in that area but they don't tell you that and know it, they put the descendants of the mongolians in that area, so this tell a wise person sombody don't know what the hell they is talkin about, civilization was created on this land of west africa where all life(Proven) and Pyramids begin, Egypt was part of this land before the Great Earthquake which destroyed Atlantis and cause the Atlantic Ocean to be, this earthquake split up the giant land mass  and made it what it is today, Ancient Memphis Egypt is called Memphis Tn today, they built their pyramid in memphis to try and harness the energy from the center of the earth because they are not from space, a big big difference, a Universal scientist will back me up,  the mighty Mississippi River the Father of all Rivers is really the Jordan River, so this mean people of earth all knowledge didn't come from the east as some claim, they have changed history around, we as spirits in flesh who overstand the science we are dealing with, face the East only because all light come from the east not because of anything else, we deal with Spirituality which is Universal, we are here to educate you and not fool you like so many do, Prophet Noble Drew Ali told the people about the  apparatus, but many still take his word as science fiction, but yet they will tell you how they believe in him and can recite that Koran with their eyes closed, star people watch those around you at all times and keep your ass out of crowds, GRAVE DANGER is on the Horizon, as always keep those sun glasses on at all time to block out those devils and haters who want to destroy us.................Peace & Love     

Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE IS DEEP), 2018, LET'S BEGIN

EARTH DATE: 01062018, This is the first day of the cycle year of 2018 in this dimension, we will start to turn on the light and truth will reveal itself for those who seek it, we have already entered the Rabbit Hole and we will show you how history have been changed around on you by wicked people who mean you no good, with the help of their advocates who are your own kind, they will lead you off a cliff and think nothing of it and they have been doing it for ages, it have been proven which is so hard for the wicked to accept the truth, that the Moorish Washitaws are the oldest civilization on earth and are the true Native Americans, United Nations For Human Rights, not civil rights now, project 215/93, this mean they came to this dimension first and created civilization as we know it, these other Native American tribes are Moors also, Yamasee, Iroquois, Cherokee, Choctaw, Blackfoot, Pequot, Mohegan (and/or All Indigenous People of America, hid from history and their ID stolen and given to other people as seen in hollywood movies, so we must start with the Washitaws, when they first arrived in this dimension, they built Pyramids all over the earth known as africa, in the dimension of Amexem to harness the energy from the Universe which is home and 8 light years away, we are Xylanthians, anyway they used the Moorish Keystone aka Geometric Compass and Square for the job, this symbol was stolen by european masons and their advocates, but we Vanguards from the Universe have taken it back and will defend it at all cost, we fear no man in flesh whose blood is red like ours, "RED RUM", so let the children play with our symbols there is no secrets, Drew Ali revealed all secrets over 100 years ago but many have forgot, a lot of things that was brought Moors have a differnet agenda today, now these europeans claim that they hate us but want to be like us, now what's up with that shit ?, these people tell you about things they don't even know shit about, and as we continue down the Rabbit Hole we are going to show you how dumb they are and they want you to believe what they say, the Egyptians know the truth about this dimnsion but they ain't talking because look what the wicked have did for them, they came here the same way we did, the wicked told you the lies that Jewish slaves built the pyramids, knowing this wasn't true but they told that lie anyway because they had bigger plans, you see that unfolding in the east today, but the beast was right when they said the science used in their construction came from out of this world, because we are not from this world as we have told you that many times, you can laugh and make fun because we don't give a fuck about what fools think, look at them on the left now at all the child's play they are doing, tearing down statures like thats gonna change history or somthing, they are trying to hide history the way George Washington hid the Moorish Flag and told a lie in the history books that he chopped down a cherry tree, when you read this shit you think they are talking about a real cherry tree, psychology is a powerful weapon on the human mind, and they have used it well on the asiatic mind, our ancestors created civilization in this dimension, and we have nothing today, somthing is wrong and we got to change it, wise ones watch those around you at all times, the human devil have no color to their skin 

Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE IS DEEP CONTINUE)

EARTH DATE: 12212017........As we continue our journey through time we contine to shine light where there is darkness the job we was sent to do, many take the things of this dimension as a joke and it ain't, the left is leading you the wrong way and they have been during it for ages and you accept it, all from the evil deeds by the ones who came to this dimension first and started doing bad things to mankind, the creators of civilization wasn't all good people just like today, we watch as the truth unfold right before your eyes, because we predict things before they happen, a gift from the universe for those who know how to use it, these people still got the weak in mind and spirit still tripping on Donald Trump, and the real DANGER is just over the HORIZON waitng to take your life and all those around you, you have been shown who your real enemy is in this dimension, and many still refuse to accept it, they can be a stranger or your next of kin, we have been telling the people of earth that we are not from this dimension and have been to many dimensions during our travels through time, we came to this dimension first and this is what amaze us so much, how the europeans claim to have all the knowledge and they evolved in this dimension in a caveGalileo was dumb as hell, so was Einstein, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin who had a heart attack after being proven wrong about his shit, their knowledge was stolen from us, how in the hell do all the stars have Greek names and Roman names, just a bunch of bul-shit, it was our ancestors who gave them a history and knowledge and a name, last night on Tucker Carson Tonight, he had on his show a navy pilot who job it was to track a ufo, he said they track it to a body of water where it began taking on water, I am telling you this part and not the devil, the reason for this was to power the systems which push us through space at a speed that defy Physics, they don't know the science yet, he said when they got within a 1000 ft it took off at a speed that defy physics, and he knew it wasn't from this world, the reality is my people only melanated people can travel in space, they have been showing you our science through movies but you just haven't caught on yet, remember that  movie the Day the earth stood still, and that show Star Trek and the Klingons who traveled through space un-seen until they was ready to attack, our people are cloacked in the clouds waiting, we have just started giving you science, because knowledge is what's going to save you from the devil in flesh, we use facebook but this is our weapon our own page, facebook is only going to show what you post to so many people and theen you got to pay for a boost, and your post will scroll away, we use our own web site to teach science and spread truth and not falsehood  

Tales From The Bottomless Pit (THE RABBIT HOLE 3)

1% of our star people in this dimension of Amexem, the left is still leading those fools off the cliff, you see in that Alabama Senate Race, they knew the so called african american vote when it came in would give Jones the victory and you see it did, without their advocates he wouldn't have had a chance, where was all those women when the judge was running for other public office, use common sense, there wasn't any and the left came with some bul-shit like they aways do, that why you keep their ass back at a distance, those Liberals ain't your friend 1%, these are some slick ass beast and they got all kinna tricks as you can see if you watch FOX NEWS the only true source out there, all the other are weapons of mass destruction, giving you fake shit and know it's fake, they still talking about Trump and it's slick ass Hillary who is knee deep in shit, her and the flunkies and some look just like us, many asiatic people in this land still refuse to accept who the democrats really are and will fight you if you tell them the truth, and it's sad to see your own kind to damn stupid to know they are being fucked with no grease, look at all this non sense the left got going on, violence and destruction all over the world, The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party
Did you know that the Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. history?, but kept you slaves in the dark like moles, they used their puppets the asiatic leaders to help them fool you and keep you on their side, and they are still doing it today, but the truth have been revealed about just how wicked the dmocratic party is, you see John Lewis said he won't go to that thing they having in Missississippi because Trump will be there, but it's North Korea and Iran who want's to blow his asiatic ass off the face of  the earth, if Dr King was living he would put his foot in his ass, people right today refuse to accept that the Moors started the slave trade and the europeans was the victims, The Turkish Moors was not all nice people, some was just plain brutal and mean to the slaves, and when the europeans time came they put it down, the same thing back on you but worse, now we want to cry we are the victims of slavery, shut the fuck up, you better read more history and do some studying, our people have did wicked shit in history and they better fact check, because KARMA IS A BITCH, what go around will come back around, you are paying today for the sins of your ancestors of the past, star people have a safe day because danger is all around you.........Peace & Love 

Tales From The Bottomless Pit (WE CONTINUE DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE 2)

EARTH DATE: 12152017........Hello once again my star people, hope your day have been a safe one in this dimension of Amexem which is just a tiny speck in this vast Universe, once again we are going to take a trip through time as we deal with the devil and their evil deeds, we are here to reveal light and try to bring original man from darkness, they can't tell us anything about the universe or earth, anything they say about the universe is theory and Malcolm X told you that, whatever they tell you !, you better look at it twice, how can they know more than original man the creators of civilization ?, we gave them a history and brought them from a cave, remember the devil have no hue to their skin, and it's not some demon of the nether world either,  here is a good example of how the devil want you to think they have all the knowledge, check this shit out....... THEY SAY !, Our Sun (a star) and all the planets around it are part of a galaxy known as the Milky Way Galaxy. (we star people know that's not the true name), they go on to say a galaxy is a large group of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.(Now they don't say anything about planets), The Milky Way is a large barred spiral galaxy.(It's shaped like the number 9 a swirl, another lie from them) All the stars we see in the night sky are in our own Milky Way, NOW WE ARE GOING TO ALL CAPS, HOW IN THE HELL ALL THE STARS AND PLANETS WE SEE IN THE NIGHT SKY ARE IN OUR OWN GALAXY, WE CAN SEE THE STAR SIRIUS WHICH IS THE BRIGHTEST STAR THAT CAN BE SEEN WITH THE NAKED EYE FROM EARTH AND IT'S NOT IN THIS GALAXY, IT'S 8 LIGHT YEARS AWAY, NOW HERE IS MORE BUL-SHIT AND I MEAN BUL-SHIT, TALKING ABOUT FAKE NEWS IT DIDN'T JUST NOW START WITH DONALD TRUMP, CHECK THIS..... Ancient Greek philosophers proposed that that Milky Way might be a vast collection of stars, to dim to make out individually. But the first actual proof came when Galileo Galilei pointed his first rudimentary telescope at the Milky Way in 1610, and was able to see that the Milky Way was made up of countless stars. NOW HOW IN THE HELL DID THE GREEKS WHO EVOLVED IN THIS DIMENSION KNOW ANY DAMN THING ABOUT SPACE, THIS GALAXY IS AMEXEM JUST LIKE IT'S TWIN IS CALLED ANDROMEDA, Moors was here first and not the Greeks, "The Washitaws" are the oldest civilization on earth, we are the chosen people this is why we came to this dimension first not the Jews, by the way the real Jews are Moors, Hitler was killing the europeans who claimed to be Jews, this is why there is much turmoil in Palastine today because those are not the right Jews, 2018 is gonna be the change for the world as we know it, turmoil and confusion all over this world as destruction continue and you ain't seen nothing yet, the worst is still to come, the future of this world will be in the hands of the asiatic people and this message come from the universe, this is the start of changing of the guards and their destruction because wicked deeds are their mission, we have just entered the "RABBIT HOLE" and still have a long way to go, it's dark but we Universal Vanguards have the light to show you the way, and we are not afraid to slay the devil or their advocates, we come in peace, when I say we this is what I mean, I am not here in this dimension by myself, there are many more Vanguards here with me, Remember we come for 1% of our people in this dimension, the 99% is like trying catching a cloud and paint it purple, a purpose defeating itself , star people you be safe and stay out of crowds, you are putting yourself in danger when you do, you see what's going on...............Peace & Love